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Skylens provides a one stop shop for all your aerial imagery needs.

Aerial Photography
take a look at our stills gallery – HERE

With our UAV’s we can operate almost anywhere with CAA permission.

 We can fly legally within London airspace complying with the CAA regulations that limits maximum weight of a UAV (SUAS) to 7KG. Within our OSC we can fly as close as 20m to  people and property outside our control.

Aerial Video
 see our our video gallery – HERE
Using state of the art UAV’s (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) we provide quality stable HD footage. Our S1000 UAV carries a Movi M5 camera mount giving rock steady video with the ability to be taken off the UAV in minutes to use as a steadycam on the ground,
Insurance Inspections / Surveys

View a video of our chimney inspections

Using our telescopic masts or UAV’s we can place a camera in positions that eliminate the need for ladders and scaffolding to be used for roof and chimney / tower inspections. This cuts down on cost, time and issues associated with working at height.
Progress / time-lapse Photography.
 Take a look at an example of aerial timelapse of a construction project over two years – HERE
‚Äčor HERE for example of a timelapse shot over a period of two weeks in 4k

With our camera systems we can position a camera at the same location at regular intervals to document the progress of a construction project or any ongoing build or development. This can be carried out over a period of a few days to a period of a number of months / years.

3D Modelling
 see video examples of the simulated fly throughs HERE & HERE

Using the latest 3D mapping and modelling software to create DSM, ortho-mosaic and 3D models.